Briefly in English

Amfi Architects Ltd. functions from 2003 onwards on the commercial basis of the architectural office Kontio - Kilpiä - Valjento Oy, thus carrying on a Finnish architectural tradition dating from 1957.

Our architectural objects of reference encompass the widest variety. An exhaustive list of Objects of Reference, in PDF format, is to be found through our link; see also the heading References.

Amfi Architects possesses special experience and knowledge in the field of design of large sports complexes, in particular of big multi-functional arena buildings. Our references include the internationally known Hartwall Arena in Helsinki and the second oldest winter sports hall in Finland, the Ice Hall in Helsinki.

From 1997 onwards Amfi Architects has participated in many construction projects in Russia. Multi-functional sports arenas realised to our plans function in five Russian cities. All of these are home arenas of major league (KHL) teams; we even dare maintain that such an amount of major league arenas in Russia from the hand of one particular office challenges the world record of its kind.

We can make full use of the broad experience of design work collected by our architects in Finland in the fields of public, commercial and housing building design, adapted to the specific requirements of Russian building norms and rules, and to Your benefit.

Our selection of languages in which we are ready to serve you include Finnish, English, Russian and French, as well as German, Polish, Spanish and Italian to a more limited degree.

The design work group Amfi Group is the association of three architectural offices in Finland for carrying out design tasks abroad. Although oriented to Russia, Amfi Group has also built succesfully in Europe, Middle East and Far East. Together we can offer You the solid experience of some eighty architects in the most varied fields of civil building. Office buildings, sports complexes, shopping centers, housing and logistical centers – know-how of all these is at Your service.

Amfi Architects takes seriously its responsibility for the environment, and through our partners of cooperation we can offer You the complete LEED or BREEAM certification for Your particular project. We can provide You and the authorities with the necessary calculations of the carbon footprint of the design or any other environmental aspect the approval process may require.

Should You long for a Finnish, rational and human insight into design, as well as long-standing experience of serving construction export projects – contact us. We can provide you with all the services Your project may possibly need. If You so wish, we can even deliver a turnkey project for You.

Mr. Eero Salakka (Finnish, English)
CEO, AMFI Architects Ltd.
+358 207 613 952

Mr. Kimmo Korhonen (French, Russian, Germany, Polish, Spanish or Italian)
+358 207 613 953